Saturday, January 9, 2010

Obama's Answer to Terror: Work Harder - Do Better

In the wake of the nearly catastrophic Christmas Day, "Testicle Terrorist" bombing attempt aboard Northwest flight 253, and after 5 separate speeches or press conferences on national security and the Islamo-terrorist threat, the best and the worst President Obama could offer is essentially this: It was NOT a failure of systems, infrastructure, or intelligence ("Thank you, President Bush") but rather a failure to perform; i.e. connect the dots, share information and ACT on the intelligence at hand.

As usual, the Top Water Pistol, corralled his charisma and managed to sound tough on terror, but was characterictalistically long on form and short on substance. His answer? Scold the operatives in the trenches and shame them into working harder and faster. Inspiring!

Let's face it, Obama got swamped by this one as he has by just about every other real-world tidal disturbance that's come his way. The First Dude is clearly in way over his head. He and his socialist administration is much more adept at re-engineering America in the image of their collectivist eutopian heros that they are at actually running anything or solving a single problem.

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