Saturday, September 29, 2012

Has America Crossed Over?

In my recent article The Truth About Romney's 47%, I acknowledged that in his remarks, however indelicately made, Romney touched on an issue that is at the very heart of this election and a critical pivot point that will define the future of America for generations to come.

Here's the question: With 49% of our citizens paying no federal income tax, and a similar number dependent on direct cash payments from the Treasury for their very sustenance, are there simply too many Americans so dependent on the largesse of their fellow citizens (aka the government), to ever hope for a return to the smaller, more sensible, more efficient confederacy of states envisioned by the Founders and preferred by Mr. Romney and Republicans? Or "has America crossed over?"

I'm beginning to fear that it has! While I don't believe that everyone in the 47% is either a Democrat, a willing dependent, a victim, or entitled, (and neither does Romney if you listen to his words) most of them, and indeed, many, many of those in the 53% are actual victims of Washinton's overreach and federal excess.

While some of us are overtaxed, many are also overly benefited by the taxes (or debt) carried by our neighbors. Too many companies are favored by government contracts. Too many organizations and individuals benefit from lobbied exemptions. Too many profit from legislative favor. Too many of us are looking for that next government handout or simply take too much for too long when our turn comes. This creates attitudes of dependence, weakness, and entitlement that are eventually actuallized in the populace as a whole. We expect more from government, therefore we do less for ourselves and each other.

Both major political parties engage in the "candyman" syndrome of redistribution; giving away all they can to favored constituents while taking all they can from others. But in so doing, the GOP establishment is at odds  with its fundamental ideals and many of its grassroots constituents. The Democrats, however, do so with philosophical "integrity" and reckless abandon, in the name of fairness, proudly claiming the prize as the party of all good gifts. And because they control the media, too, the donkeys even win the PR battle convincing many that their ideals are more generous, more responsible, more moral and more fair when nothing could be further from the truth.

Additionally, while, from the Constitutional perspective, liberals represent the most extreme and radical departure from the uniquely American ideals and the principles that built our singular success as a nation, conservatives who seek only to restore and maintain those values, are painted as the extremists--ready to abandon the poor and disadvantaged while forcing a theocratic chastity belt on the loins of the body politic--also a liberal lie.

Unfortunately, the philosophy has become institutionalized. Redistribution is the present reality and has been for quite some time. But the perception that it's a good idea in the minds of either a large minority or even a majority of Americans is relatively new. And it's why I think we may have "crossed over."

The ideals of individual liberty, responsibility, achievement, and charity, have been the bedrock of American success and prosperity from our founding. Though diminished by encroaching socialism, these ideals remained a hedge against it. But the dam has been breeched and the floodwaters are pouring in dousing the flames of freedom and self-determination. Americans now almost universally acknowledge a federal power and responsibility, not simply to secure them in thier individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but to insure the material outcomes that define our perception thereof--a satisfactory job, a college degree, medical care, a three-bedroom home with a late-model car for each driver, a big screen TV, internet connection, cell phone,  burgers on the barby and a beer in the fridge--whether we've pursued them successfully or not. All this despite the truth that no Constitutional authority exists for a government with such materialistic powers.

If Americans continue to see the fruits of liberty in their own lives to be the result of their persoal responsibility, effort, and achievement, America will survive and thrive. But if, as signs portend, the nation has shifted to a collective mentality where each believes s/he deserves a "share" in the wealth created by all, as subtly, but unmistakeably articulated by Mr. Obama, the Democrat party, and their willing accomplices in the popular media, then America as we have known her, has indeed "crossed over" with all that those words imply.

Friday, September 21, 2012


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nO Limit on Executive Power
nO States Rights
nO Restraint on Spending
nO Immigration Reform
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nO Accountability
nO Shovel Ready Jobs
nO Work Requirement for Welfare
nO Consequence for illegal immigration
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nO Limits on Entitlements
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nO Allegiance to Allies
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nO Energy Policy
nO More Drilling
nO Keystone Pipeline
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nO Economic Game Plan
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nO Respect for Religious Rights
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nO Meetings with Jobs Council
nO Positive Change
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No Rationale to Re-elect!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Truth About Romney's 47%

To divert attention from recent disastrous economic news and more especially, the blowing up of the Middle East and Obama's policy of appeasement along with it, the Obama campaign with their willing accomplices in the media chose to divert attention to a 4-month old video of an off-the-cuff comment made by then Primary candidate Mitt Romney at a fund-raising event. How conveniently distracting that the video should be leaked to the lamestreet media on Monday at the apex of Mr. Obama's government's implosion of incompetence and deception. But that's another article.

In this unspectacular Q&A session, the Governor had the audacity to make an honest observation about where his attention as a candidate needs to be focused. He observed simply that Barack Obama has a relatively entrenched base of support of about 47% of voters, bought and paid for largely, by Democrat inspired entitlement programs. These voters are largely made up of American households that pay no taxes or have one or more persons living within them that are dependent on some entitlement program or other for their support (the number is actually 49%).

As the candidate who proposes to cut taxes, Romney points out, these voters think they have nothing to gain by supporting him. And as tax dependents and others who believe in cradle to grave government security, they're far more likely to support Mr. Obama, the benevolent giver of other people's things, who promises to maintain and/or expand the government's support while he, simultaneously insures the ultimate demise of these programs with his policies .

Romney characterized these voters in a variety of ways--to some degree, carelessly, though not  entirely inaccurately--but in the context of a closed door fundraiser, that's normal. Those are the meetings on the Democrat side, where they defame the entrenched constituency that opposes them as tea baggers, racists, bigots, homophobes, bible and gun totin' whackos, and greedy, selfish, eeeeeevil capitalists. (Oh, wait! they do that in public!) By comparison, Romney's remarks were really rather tepid.

Perhaps the governor overstated his case, but if you simply listen to what he said, it's quite obvious that he was not casting aspersions on these Obama supporters. Instead, in the context of breaking down the Obama support into generalized factions, he was simply arguing that, to win, he'll have to appeal, not to them, but to the people in the middle--so-called "independent" voters who are NOT living on the dole, who believe in American exceptionalism, and who don't want to see our nation turned into the European style entitlement state Barack Obama and his policies are creating. What he was NOT doing in his off-handed comments, was presenting a studied analysis of the 47%.

The press, of course, has held Romney's "shocking" remarks up to a level of scrutiny to which they never hold Mr. Obama's frequently divisive, insensitive, and often irresponsible comments. In fact, the disingenuousness of the critiques would be laughable were they not so successful in misleading public opinion. The comment, however misinterpreted, definitely plays into the Democrat and liberal media's distorted portrait of Romney as an uncaring, insensitive, evil, rich elitist.That's unfortunate.

But the substance of the argument is one Romney should not run away from. The outrage is, that 49% of Americans pay no income tax! The outrage is that 46 million are on food stamps--up 44% since Obama took office! The outrage that millions more depend on the federal government for their healthcare, housing, college education and food--and that the number is growing, not shrinking under Obama policies--is the topic we should be discussing. Obama is the King of Entitlement, advertising on the radio and TV to increase participation in these programs in order to justify their expansion and the creation of a permanent dependent class who will, in their own self-interest, continue to support the party that feeds them, primarily--the Democrat party.

Unfortunately, what the Democrats have created to lock-in their power, can only be maintained by unsustainable levels of debt, taxation, or Keynesian currency manipulation (i.e. QE3).  Eventually, and in the not too distant future if left unchecked, the house of cards will fall. When it does, the welfare checks will stop, the food stamps will cease, the free medical care will dry up, the loan payments will end and retirement checks will disappear. Those who depend on them most will be left entirely without cover--destitute. Unless Romney and the Republicans can right the ship in time.

Ironically, in his criticism of Romney's remarks, Obama congratulated himself by noting that 47% of voters cast their ballot for John McCain but in his inaugural address (note, after the election!) he promised to be President of "all the people." Yet another FAIL! Barack Obama has proven to be the most divisive, partisan, unyielding, autocratic chief executive in memory, making no effort to be bi-partisan in his policy making.

While Romney dismisses 47% whom he presumes won't vote for him for economic reasons while advocating policies that will actually improve their lot, Obama disses the 75+ percent of Americans who believe in God or "cling to their bibles and guns," the 51% who DO pay taxes by suggesting they're not paying enough, the 100% who are paying more for gas, food, and other commodities due to his policies, the millions who DID build that, and the 23 million who are out of work. Meanwhile, he and his collectivist programs FAIL to do anything effective to genuinely help his loyal 47%; instead, ensnaring them further in the web of dependency. Today, according to Gallup, President Obama enjoys 47% support in his bid for re-election. Hmmm.... Who is President of the other 53%, I wonder.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dems Keep Voters Eyes Off the Ball with Politics of Division

What's the real issue in this election? If you didn't answer, "It's the economy, stupid." You're probably living in the Democrats' world.

In my previous article "Mitt Romney--A Man For Our Times" I put it this way: "Today is a singular time in America. Six years of Democrat dominance in Washington and an even longer trail of failed progressive policies has left a country wallowing in debt, reeling from the most prolonged high unemployment in history, divided by an Administration that pits rich against poor, black against white, labor against management, and the faithful against the secular."

"America is in a downward spiral on a course that, left unaltered, can only lead to disaster. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are all on a crash course with insolvency. Tens of trillions in unfunded pensions and other long-term liabilities dwarf the already incomprehensible national debt."

"A bloated, corrupt, and inefficient federal bureaucracy is sapping the strength of our once-great nation. Burdensome regulations and unpredictable tax policies have paralyzed capital and chilled small business development. A convoluted, corrupted tax code leaves too few Americans carrying the load for too many while almost half have no skin in the game at all. And a behemoth new healthcare law brings a sixth of the entire US economy under the direct control of the federal government while limiting consumer choice and self-determination--abridging freedom for all."

The litany of America's economic woes could go on for pages. Yet despite Obama's abject failure to even address the economic crisis (when did he last meet with his Economic Council, again?)--much less actually make it better, the Incompetent-in-Chief holds the edge over the Republican contender. In an election where a failed President should be run out of town on a rail for his abysmal let down of the electorate, he's not only holding his own, but continues to lead in the polls.

Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons. But the most conspicuous is that the Democrats are doing a superb job of  focusing voters attention on anything BUT the economy. Which is no small task since the news keeps going from bad to worse!

But, of course, Obama has the lion's share of the news media deeply in his pocket. The Democrat propaganda machine (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN) spews a steady stream of non-stories about the campaigns and bald-faced lies about Romney; painting the Republican as a cartoon capitalist without an empathetic bone in his body. 'He's completely out of touch with average Americans,' they cry 'and hostile to women, blacks, gays, and hispanics!' And, oh yes! 'Completely inept in matters of state.' 

None of this Romney bashing could be further from the truth and it, frankly, smacks of desperation.
Any fair evaluation of Romney's public record and personal life shows him to be, not flawless by any means, but an honorable man of strong conviction and deep compassion who is driven to serve, as well as a remarkably effective and thoughtful organizational leader. But, it's all the Democrats have got and they're playing it to the hilt. Unfortunately for the country, it's least for now.
Although Romney's numerous
virtues are the very strengths America needs in a President at present, the political conversation is about anything but. We're constantly hearing about the GOP's imaginary war on women or about Romney's supposed missteps of diplomacy (they said that about Reagan, too). Obama's never-ending chain of policy failures are ignored while the news cycle is filled with non-issues like abortion, contraception, gay marriage, immigration, and religious rights. Meanwhile, over 400,000 more Americans give up on employment, Moody's threatens another credit downgrade, America is attacked overseas, home foreclosures rise, and Obama splits for Vegas to bolster his odds in the upcoming election, snubbing both his own Jobs Council and the Israeli Prime Minister.

I say non issues, not because these social issues are unimportant, but because if the nation falls economically, they simply won't matter.  Social issues are NOT in the primary wheelhouse of the President of the United States. At least, they shouldn't be. Sure the President can use the bully pulpit to champion the social ideals he believes in, but these are legislative issues that, Constitutionally, should be decided, primarily, at the state and local levels. 

Especially in an era when the United States is speeding towards the economic abyss, there's ONE ISSUE that looms--the ECONOMY! And two questions Americans should be fixated on: 'Have Obama's policies made the economy better or worse?' And 'Which candidate is best prepared and able to turn it around?' And on these questions, Romney wins by a landslide every time!

Instead, millions will be voting against their own self-interest because they've been bludgeoned by a battering ram of lies and distractions from the Democrat machine. They may "feel good" supporting the guy who panders shamelessly to every emotional appeal, but they'll be among the first to fall following him mindlessly over the financial cliff. And that's NOT rational!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Same Ole, Same Ole Obama: Time to "Let him go"

I think Obama needs a new nickname. "Same Ole, Same Ole Obama." This ad nails the reason Barack Obama is in trouble this election. In a nutshell, there's worldwide proof positive that his policies don't work--they never have anywhere they've been tried--and he's got nothin' new up his sleeve that can offer the American people any meaningful "hope" that four more years of doing the same things will "change" the result.

The litany of Obama's failures is endless. From bailouts to buyouts; cash-4-clukers to corrupt healthcare; fast 'n furious to leaker-gate; energy bets (Solyndra, to energy busts (Gulf drilling and Keystone pipleline); over-budget to no budget; shovel-ready (NOT!) to socialism ready-or-not; Obama has but one answer for it all: "More Government!" Which automatically means more debt and less deliverance for the American people. Less LIBERTY FOR ALL. Less liberty means less prosperity. And less liberty and prosperity mean Obama and the statists will always be out of step with the red, white, and blue blood of the independent American patriot.

In any "normal" context, Obama's flame would have been doused by now. Drenched by a keen sense of the obvious on the part of the electorate--both Democrat and Republican. Because by any objective measure this politician has failed. The opinion polls confirm that reality. By margins of 2-to-1 (who exactly, are the one?!) Americans say the country is heading afoul under Obama's "leadership." They know instinctively that the ticking time bomb of the national debt is a disaster beginning to happen. They understand that the new normal is abnormal for the greatest nation on earth. They get that the burden of government in Washington, DC, at some point, probably long past, outspent its value by TRILLIONS, and is now dragging the nation down into the quicksand of soft tyranny among the ruins of the also-rans. But all Obama can say is "Trust me! This is all the other guy's fault. Give me more time and more money and I promise, I'll spend you to the prosperity you seek."

We all know it's a lie. But Obama has a few key factors going for him that cause many to remain in the trance of denial.

1. He's likable. At least more likeable that the guy he paints as a rich, eeeeevil, capitalist corporate raider concerned for no one but himself. He's cocky, charismatic, and he can sing! Besides, he has a nice family. And except for his elephantine ears, he's reasonably good looking. What a smile!
2. The press. They prop up this politician like none we've ever seen. No honest vetting. No significant criticism. The presumed arbiters of truth in the political process are so in the tank for Obama that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC combined are the effective PR firm and cheer-leading squad for Team Obama. The state media. And those who dine on nothing else have no appetite for the truth about Obama.
3. The blight of dependency. With damn near half of Americans dependent on the Federal government for their very survival, and nearly all the rest of us in some way entangled in the web of government largesse, many are simply afraid to abandon Obama's ship of dreams. And with the President and his media minions playing on those fears, many are trapped in the false hope that somehow, they'll remain afloat when the sinking ship of state begins, finally, to dive.
4. He's black. This is controversial, I know. But I'm convinced it's true. Obama's racial heritage gives him a significant advantage! And he knows it. (See "2016.") How many Americans bought Obama's vacuous promise of hope and change because of the color of his skin? I know of several who purchased the dream because they wanted to be counted among those who cast their vote for the first African-American President. And worthily so! For the same reason, they're reluctant to acknowledge and punish his failure as they might a more Caucasian Chief Exec. We're loathe to have the first black presidency be a failed presidency. It speaks to the nobility and optimism of the American people. We want ALL our people--and particularly our minority communities to succeed as full partners in the promise of America. In this case, many seem willing to invest again in spite of their better instincts--just to give him the chance to turn it around. It's like a stockholder investing good money after bad because he's emotionally tied to the company. It's understandable, even laudable. But ultimately self-destructive.

Unfortunately, it's Obama's policies that betray him--and us. Not the color of his skin. These are the same ole principles he borrowed from his fathers. Principles foreign to the American experience most of us share. Principles of collectivism, anti-colonialism, redistribution, anti-capitalism, elitism, and globalism. He either believes the Keynesian myth that you can spend your way to prosperity through fiat currency manipulation, or he's deliberately using it to bring America back down to size. He either thinks big government is better able to provide for the people than the people are to provide for themselves, or he's willing to use the utopian allure to tempt ever more people into the statist's tyrannical web. Any way you slice it, it's Obama's ideas that are so desperately wrong. Nothing more or less.

These are old ideas with dismal records of failure and enslavement; not new ones that lead to greater liberty, prosperity or equality. They're the collectivist infections of Greece, Spain, China, Russia and much of Western Europe. They never can and never will produce the prosperity and goodness of the libertarian American Experiment of Washington, Jefferson, and Locke. It is to those "old" and proven ideals that we must return for a restoration of American greatness. For as we lift ourselves, we lift the world.

Romney and Ryan may not be the perfect articulation of the Washingtonian ideal, but they are light years closer than Obama. Our fear of these men is irrational because it's unfounded in truth. When we look to their records as opposed to "Same Ole Same Ole," both reason and patriotic passion will remind us that the seeds of our future greatness fell from the oak of our Constitution and lie in the fertile sod of American rugged individualism and liberty. Our nation simply awaits the nurturing rains of a government friendly to those values--a new reality that Romney and Ryan can help to bring about. We have but to have the courage to abandon "Same Ole, Same Ole," however reluctantly, and re-invest, instead, in the potent fundamentals of our nation's founding. In them we will find the power to revive and rise yet again.