Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Truth About Romney's 47%

To divert attention from recent disastrous economic news and more especially, the blowing up of the Middle East and Obama's policy of appeasement along with it, the Obama campaign with their willing accomplices in the media chose to divert attention to a 4-month old video of an off-the-cuff comment made by then Primary candidate Mitt Romney at a fund-raising event. How conveniently distracting that the video should be leaked to the lamestreet media on Monday at the apex of Mr. Obama's government's implosion of incompetence and deception. But that's another article.

In this unspectacular Q&A session, the Governor had the audacity to make an honest observation about where his attention as a candidate needs to be focused. He observed simply that Barack Obama has a relatively entrenched base of support of about 47% of voters, bought and paid for largely, by Democrat inspired entitlement programs. These voters are largely made up of American households that pay no taxes or have one or more persons living within them that are dependent on some entitlement program or other for their support (the number is actually 49%).

As the candidate who proposes to cut taxes, Romney points out, these voters think they have nothing to gain by supporting him. And as tax dependents and others who believe in cradle to grave government security, they're far more likely to support Mr. Obama, the benevolent giver of other people's things, who promises to maintain and/or expand the government's support while he, simultaneously insures the ultimate demise of these programs with his policies .

Romney characterized these voters in a variety of ways--to some degree, carelessly, though not  entirely inaccurately--but in the context of a closed door fundraiser, that's normal. Those are the meetings on the Democrat side, where they defame the entrenched constituency that opposes them as tea baggers, racists, bigots, homophobes, bible and gun totin' whackos, and greedy, selfish, eeeeeevil capitalists. (Oh, wait! they do that in public!) By comparison, Romney's remarks were really rather tepid.

Perhaps the governor overstated his case, but if you simply listen to what he said, it's quite obvious that he was not casting aspersions on these Obama supporters. Instead, in the context of breaking down the Obama support into generalized factions, he was simply arguing that, to win, he'll have to appeal, not to them, but to the people in the middle--so-called "independent" voters who are NOT living on the dole, who believe in American exceptionalism, and who don't want to see our nation turned into the European style entitlement state Barack Obama and his policies are creating. What he was NOT doing in his off-handed comments, was presenting a studied analysis of the 47%.

The press, of course, has held Romney's "shocking" remarks up to a level of scrutiny to which they never hold Mr. Obama's frequently divisive, insensitive, and often irresponsible comments. In fact, the disingenuousness of the critiques would be laughable were they not so successful in misleading public opinion. The comment, however misinterpreted, definitely plays into the Democrat and liberal media's distorted portrait of Romney as an uncaring, insensitive, evil, rich elitist.That's unfortunate.

But the substance of the argument is one Romney should not run away from. The outrage is, that 49% of Americans pay no income tax! The outrage is that 46 million are on food stamps--up 44% since Obama took office! The outrage that millions more depend on the federal government for their healthcare, housing, college education and food--and that the number is growing, not shrinking under Obama policies--is the topic we should be discussing. Obama is the King of Entitlement, advertising on the radio and TV to increase participation in these programs in order to justify their expansion and the creation of a permanent dependent class who will, in their own self-interest, continue to support the party that feeds them, primarily--the Democrat party.

Unfortunately, what the Democrats have created to lock-in their power, can only be maintained by unsustainable levels of debt, taxation, or Keynesian currency manipulation (i.e. QE3).  Eventually, and in the not too distant future if left unchecked, the house of cards will fall. When it does, the welfare checks will stop, the food stamps will cease, the free medical care will dry up, the loan payments will end and retirement checks will disappear. Those who depend on them most will be left entirely without cover--destitute. Unless Romney and the Republicans can right the ship in time.

Ironically, in his criticism of Romney's remarks, Obama congratulated himself by noting that 47% of voters cast their ballot for John McCain but in his inaugural address (note, after the election!) he promised to be President of "all the people." Yet another FAIL! Barack Obama has proven to be the most divisive, partisan, unyielding, autocratic chief executive in memory, making no effort to be bi-partisan in his policy making.

While Romney dismisses 47% whom he presumes won't vote for him for economic reasons while advocating policies that will actually improve their lot, Obama disses the 75+ percent of Americans who believe in God or "cling to their bibles and guns," the 51% who DO pay taxes by suggesting they're not paying enough, the 100% who are paying more for gas, food, and other commodities due to his policies, the millions who DID build that, and the 23 million who are out of work. Meanwhile, he and his collectivist programs FAIL to do anything effective to genuinely help his loyal 47%; instead, ensnaring them further in the web of dependency. Today, according to Gallup, President Obama enjoys 47% support in his bid for re-election. Hmmm.... Who is President of the other 53%, I wonder.

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