Friday, September 21, 2012


nO Executive Experience
nO Budget
nO BiPartisanship
nO Cohesive Foreign Policy
nO Limit on Executive Power
nO States Rights
nO Restraint on Spending
nO Immigration Reform
nO Jobs
nO Presence in Iraq
nO More Capitalism
nO National Unity
nO National Pride
nO Jobs
nO Transparency
nO Accountability
nO Shovel Ready Jobs
nO Work Requirement for Welfare
nO Consequence for illegal immigration
nO Protection for the Unborn
nO Limits on Entitlements
nO Jobs
nO Allegiance to Allies
nO Respect for Israel
nO Energy Policy
nO More Drilling
nO Keystone Pipeline
nO Jobs
nO Economic Game Plan
nO Leadership
nO Respect for Religious Rights
nO Solutions
nO Meetings with Jobs Council
nO Positive Change
nO Jobs
nO Hope

No Rationale to Re-elect!

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