Monday, September 3, 2012

Same Ole, Same Ole Obama: Time to "Let him go"

I think Obama needs a new nickname. "Same Ole, Same Ole Obama." This ad nails the reason Barack Obama is in trouble this election. In a nutshell, there's worldwide proof positive that his policies don't work--they never have anywhere they've been tried--and he's got nothin' new up his sleeve that can offer the American people any meaningful "hope" that four more years of doing the same things will "change" the result.

The litany of Obama's failures is endless. From bailouts to buyouts; cash-4-clukers to corrupt healthcare; fast 'n furious to leaker-gate; energy bets (Solyndra, to energy busts (Gulf drilling and Keystone pipleline); over-budget to no budget; shovel-ready (NOT!) to socialism ready-or-not; Obama has but one answer for it all: "More Government!" Which automatically means more debt and less deliverance for the American people. Less LIBERTY FOR ALL. Less liberty means less prosperity. And less liberty and prosperity mean Obama and the statists will always be out of step with the red, white, and blue blood of the independent American patriot.

In any "normal" context, Obama's flame would have been doused by now. Drenched by a keen sense of the obvious on the part of the electorate--both Democrat and Republican. Because by any objective measure this politician has failed. The opinion polls confirm that reality. By margins of 2-to-1 (who exactly, are the one?!) Americans say the country is heading afoul under Obama's "leadership." They know instinctively that the ticking time bomb of the national debt is a disaster beginning to happen. They understand that the new normal is abnormal for the greatest nation on earth. They get that the burden of government in Washington, DC, at some point, probably long past, outspent its value by TRILLIONS, and is now dragging the nation down into the quicksand of soft tyranny among the ruins of the also-rans. But all Obama can say is "Trust me! This is all the other guy's fault. Give me more time and more money and I promise, I'll spend you to the prosperity you seek."

We all know it's a lie. But Obama has a few key factors going for him that cause many to remain in the trance of denial.

1. He's likable. At least more likeable that the guy he paints as a rich, eeeeevil, capitalist corporate raider concerned for no one but himself. He's cocky, charismatic, and he can sing! Besides, he has a nice family. And except for his elephantine ears, he's reasonably good looking. What a smile!
2. The press. They prop up this politician like none we've ever seen. No honest vetting. No significant criticism. The presumed arbiters of truth in the political process are so in the tank for Obama that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC combined are the effective PR firm and cheer-leading squad for Team Obama. The state media. And those who dine on nothing else have no appetite for the truth about Obama.
3. The blight of dependency. With damn near half of Americans dependent on the Federal government for their very survival, and nearly all the rest of us in some way entangled in the web of government largesse, many are simply afraid to abandon Obama's ship of dreams. And with the President and his media minions playing on those fears, many are trapped in the false hope that somehow, they'll remain afloat when the sinking ship of state begins, finally, to dive.
4. He's black. This is controversial, I know. But I'm convinced it's true. Obama's racial heritage gives him a significant advantage! And he knows it. (See "2016.") How many Americans bought Obama's vacuous promise of hope and change because of the color of his skin? I know of several who purchased the dream because they wanted to be counted among those who cast their vote for the first African-American President. And worthily so! For the same reason, they're reluctant to acknowledge and punish his failure as they might a more Caucasian Chief Exec. We're loathe to have the first black presidency be a failed presidency. It speaks to the nobility and optimism of the American people. We want ALL our people--and particularly our minority communities to succeed as full partners in the promise of America. In this case, many seem willing to invest again in spite of their better instincts--just to give him the chance to turn it around. It's like a stockholder investing good money after bad because he's emotionally tied to the company. It's understandable, even laudable. But ultimately self-destructive.

Unfortunately, it's Obama's policies that betray him--and us. Not the color of his skin. These are the same ole principles he borrowed from his fathers. Principles foreign to the American experience most of us share. Principles of collectivism, anti-colonialism, redistribution, anti-capitalism, elitism, and globalism. He either believes the Keynesian myth that you can spend your way to prosperity through fiat currency manipulation, or he's deliberately using it to bring America back down to size. He either thinks big government is better able to provide for the people than the people are to provide for themselves, or he's willing to use the utopian allure to tempt ever more people into the statist's tyrannical web. Any way you slice it, it's Obama's ideas that are so desperately wrong. Nothing more or less.

These are old ideas with dismal records of failure and enslavement; not new ones that lead to greater liberty, prosperity or equality. They're the collectivist infections of Greece, Spain, China, Russia and much of Western Europe. They never can and never will produce the prosperity and goodness of the libertarian American Experiment of Washington, Jefferson, and Locke. It is to those "old" and proven ideals that we must return for a restoration of American greatness. For as we lift ourselves, we lift the world.

Romney and Ryan may not be the perfect articulation of the Washingtonian ideal, but they are light years closer than Obama. Our fear of these men is irrational because it's unfounded in truth. When we look to their records as opposed to "Same Ole Same Ole," both reason and patriotic passion will remind us that the seeds of our future greatness fell from the oak of our Constitution and lie in the fertile sod of American rugged individualism and liberty. Our nation simply awaits the nurturing rains of a government friendly to those values--a new reality that Romney and Ryan can help to bring about. We have but to have the courage to abandon "Same Ole, Same Ole," however reluctantly, and re-invest, instead, in the potent fundamentals of our nation's founding. In them we will find the power to revive and rise yet again.


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