Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great news! Job losses continue...only slower!

You gotta love this! Here's a classic example of the kind of lollipop liberal logic that is dragging America down to ruins: I got this amusing market update from JobBait yesterday:

Hi Bruce,

Our Job Market Report was updated today for the State trends by Industry. Here are a few observations:

Nationwide employment growth has been improving for the last 7 months. We're still losing jobs, but the losses are getting smaller. This is analogous to being sick - the fever broke 7 months ago and we're getting better, but we are not "well" yet. You can look at this two ways: 1) we're still sick, or 2) we're getting better. Both are true. It depends on whether you see the half-empty or half-full glass of water.

If improvements continue at this rate, the nationwide employment growth rate will be positive by this Summer and we will be adding jobs.

Mark Hovind

Ha! What are these guys smokin'? Sincerely? Gimme a break! Here's my response:


I don't know who you are, but that BS behind your name is well-deserved. How do you justify positioning the slowing of job shrinkage as “growth?” There is no growth rate. Or, I guess if you insist on using the term growth, it’s still a NEGATIVE rate. In other words, nothing is improving—it’s just that the rate of decline is slowing. Be ye an optimist or a pessimist, the glass is still getting emptier. The fever is still climbing albeit at a slower pace. The patient is getting sicker, not better. If "improvements" continue at this rate, the patient will DIE! Plain and simple.

Honestly, you sound like a lacky for the Obama Administration. Here's a hint: Just report on the numbers. Somehow, we'll figure it out from there. When the net job loss rate shrinks to zero and we start ADDING new jobs back into the economy, THEN you can say the fever has broken and we're getting better. On your website you promise to shoot straight. Live up to it!

B. Ackerman

Now, I don't know this guy from Adam. Apparently, he's some kind of Executive Employment Coach. I'm sure he's just trying to put an encouraging word our there for his clients and followers. But this is the kind of lollipop logic that is fruit-flying the country! The twisted, anti-capitalist economic policies of the United States stink like rotting potatoes. They are ensuring our demise by lifting up corrupt and bloated government over and above the creative ingenuity of individual, self-interested, free and independent people. The Federal government, in particular, is the pathogen not the cure to our employment and economic ills.

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  1. Post Script: I got an email from Mark at He assures me that he's neither a lacky nor a smoker of any controlled substance. And I believe him. I gotta respect the man for responding to the charges. By the way, he assured me that he has made some changes to his report to better reflect the reality of our situation in America. Bravo, Mark! Check him out at