Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hypothetical Politics: "Jobs Created or Saved"

I've long maintained that liberals live in an alternate reality. Now, the evidence of their hallucinations is becoming ever more clear.

Here's the thing: Never before has an administration tried to take credit for "jobs saved." What kind of a metric is that? It is impossible to calculate or substantiate. What constititutes a "saved" job? One that would have been lost if it hadn't been saved? How do you measure a hypothetical?! How do you know if would have been lost if it wasn't?! Therefore, how was it saved? How was it calculated or counted? And since the "created or saved" numbers are always combined, exactly which were created and which were "saved?" You see, this is nothing more than a cynical manipulation. A phantom metric. A fabrication. A farce!

In this world of shadows and illusions, the cause and effect relationship is lost. There are no absolutes. We deal in feelings and dreams rather than facts and figures. Bits of data are related in irrational ways to invent unsubstatiated and unsubstantial crises and solutions solely for the purpose of manipulating people and property for personal and political gain. Hence, the sunny propaganda of the "Summer of Recovery" and the extolled virtues of jobs created and saved.

But if the Obama administration is to take credit for jobs that owe their salvation to TARP, bail-outs, stimuli ad nauseum, green jobs, healthcare reform, et. al., should they not also take blame for all those directly lost or destroyed as a consequence of their policies? It's only rational, of course.

From coast to coast business owners--employers--say they are not hiring due to uncertainty about the uncalulated or incalculable effects of Obama policies from healthcare to financial reform.

The investment class are camping their cash. Looming tax hikes and punitive policies that threaten to dramatically increase costs or dampen demand for an array of services and goods have paralyzed capital and created a menacing cloud of uncertainty over the economy. The demonizing of Wall Street and government takeover of industries (banking & credit, student loans, auto, and energy) have frozen capital and consumer markets leaving banks unwilling to lend, consumers unable to borrow, and pretty much everyone unmotivated to buy. And we have 7.2 million LOST jobs to show for it. Yet to listen to "right direction" Obama, Biden, and the progressive pudits in their tank, you'd think the "roaring tens" were in full swing. That's reality?

But the economic malaise isn't the only fantasy fueling foolish liberals. They've got a million of 'em like, we can 'absorb' terrorist attacks, wealth redistribution works, global warming is man-made and cap 'n trade will cure it, border enforcement is racist, 'green jobs' are the way out of recession, oil is evil, extending unemployment benefits creates jobs, the government can spend us out of recession, Social Security and government pensions are solvent and sustainable, Obamacare will cut healthcare costs, and capitalism is evil.

It's time to get a grip America. At best, you're being led by a bunch of hallucinagenic hippies on a romp through the eutopian tulips. At worst, you're being deliberately manipulated and systematically dismantled by malevolent marxists whose aim is global government by compulsively "redistributing" your wealth into the hands of the 2nd and 3rd worlds in the name of equality and charity; while THEY siphon the gravy off the top. Either way, the ends are the same. You lose, they win. Is that rational?

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