Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why Obama Can't Win

I'm no pundit. And I don't have a team of researchers and pollsters telling me what to think. But to the shock and awe of many of my friends--conservative as well as liberal--I've been predicting a landslide victory for the GOP in November regardless of who our candidate is.

It's a matter of simple mathematics. Obama won in 2008 by a relatively slim (albeit decisive) margin on the strength of a tidal wave of anti-Bush sentiment, a crumbling economy, and by promising utopian "hope and change" to a nation of legitimately "fed up" dunderheads. With vacuous vows of "transformation" and the skills of a masterful Master of Ceremonies, along with an adoring press promoting a rock star image, Obama strode into office like a Caesar. Black, white, women, men, gay, straight, young and old. He bamboozled them all. No one had a clue why they voted for him, (although I've talked to several who said they wanted to vote for the first black president) they just did. Even students, usually notoriously absent from the ballot box, spurred by carefully targeted banner ads and text messages, came out in droves to vote for the cool new messiah they saw on MTV and the liberal late-night talk shows. It was a marketing coups!

And we all got stuck with what they asked for: a pop culture icon who voted "present" more often than yea or nay instead of a serious public servant or competent chief executive. But what we didn't know would hurt us all. Obama's radical roots and elitist ideology combined with his complete incompetence as a legitimate leader have taken a bad situation and made it infinitely worse. And only a small cadre of blind guides who are too far invested to pull out now have the gall to disagree.

So what's bound to happen now that the sequins are off the zoot suit? Not much. Obama's been abandoned by the delusional independents that he flim-flammed four years ago. The students are back to suckin' suds, spending their government grants, and wondering where the jobs are. And even Obama, himself, seems far less interested in the spotlight than he did four years ago. The bottom line is, the bottom has dropped out for O-Bottom. Nobody that didn't vote for him last time is going to punch their chad for the Bamster this time around. And many who were on the Obama band wagon in 2008 have jettisoned for cover in 2012. They'll be sittin' it out  or chalkin' one up for the anti-O.

That said, the fat lady hasn't even warmed up yet. With the press in the tank for Obama and the chords of class discord blasting from Obama's obscene billion dollar misinformation campaign, anything CAN happen. I just don't think it will. The deck is stacked against the incumbent incompetent, and he stacked it himself with hand after hand of hollow promises and pathetic policy blunders.With flagging poll numbers in critical swing states, and with all the arrows against the president still in their quiver, Obama's re-election is already in doubt. In fact, some say it'll take a statistical miracle to re-distribute this misfortune and re-elect the loser-in-chief. And the gods who make such miracles happen are not likely voting Democrat this year.

PS: Apparently my opinion isn't mine alone.