Monday, October 5, 2009

Is Obama Deliberately Tanking America?

I'm no economist and I haven't taken time to research all the numbers...yet. There certainly are plenty of them being tossed into the legislative salad. But let's think rationally for just a minute:

What Federal program/s are operating efficiently and in-budget today? I've never heard of one. Certainly no entitlement program fits that description. So how can anyone argue that healthcare will be different? Really?!

How may trillions in deficit, debt, and unfunded obligations can the economy sustain before the "tilt" buzzer sounds? And if Bush's deficits and overspending were bad, why are Obama's exponentially expanded deficits and debt ok? Each child born in America today gets slapped on the butt with a $150,000 mortgage with Uncle Sam holding the paddle. Are you ok with that?

How, exactly, does government spending stimulate the economy? Which spending is considered stimulative and which is not? Is the spending the government is doing now stimulating anything other than fiscal conservatives' ire? If you think so, I dare you to prove it!

See the bottom line is, the program isn't working. And since it violates nearly every fundamental of free market capitalism (not to mention common sense) it can NEVER work! At least not to increase prosperity and liberty in America. Which begs the question: Why are President Obama and the leftists in Washington AND ON WALL STREET promoting financial policies that are destined to fail? Why are they promoting a fundamentally anti-capitalist policy agenda?! Is that rational in the world's most productive and successful economic power?

Only if the result you're getting is the precise effect that you intend. Could it be that Barak and his buddies are...dare I say it...actual anti-capitalists? Are they doinig exactly what they're intending to do--plunge the U.S. economy into a desperate state of dysfunction?

Naturally, the very proposition begs the question, 'why would they do such a thing? What could the end game possibly be? Surely the President of the United States is not deliberately trying to destroy the country!'

Destroy it? Perhaps not. But Barak Obama has clearly stated his intention to fundamentally"transform America." On the surface, if you're a Bush-hating Democrat or Independent weary of the war in Iraq and opposed to the nation's ostensibly worn out welcome on the international stage; or even a disgruntled conservative 'hoping' for change, transformation plays well.

Unfortunately, Mr. Obama has long been short on specifics about what he means. Transform it from what to what? In his campaign, the Presidential hopeful routinely attacked the policies of his predecessor. Fair enough. But he has also assaulted the institutions of capitalism; the wealthy, the banking industry, the energy industy, the healthcare industry, and more. Not that these institutions don't merit some criticism and even measured reform, but in the context of anti-American radical associations from the violent anarchist, William Ayers, to self-avowed communist, Van Jones, to race-baiting radical preacher, Jeremiah Wright, Obama's transformation portends more. Much more!

Under Obama's watch, the national deficit and debt have exploded. Investors have buried their capital in the sand while they wait in fear for some indication that it's safe to go back in the water. Meanwhile, since private investors have parked their cash, the government has taken over the job of spending. Cash is as available as the nearest federal printing press and the more the Fed prints, the more worthless the currency becomes. It's a no-win tide that unless stemmed, can only result in a rising watermark of inflation as the value of the dollar dips deeply behind it. Ultimately can there be any other outcome than the dollar's demise?

But the question looms...WHY? That's a topic for another post.

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