Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seriously! No, Seriously?

Barak Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize. This one really cracked me up. Seriously! For what? Stopping the Iranians in their quest for nuclear arms? Negotiating North Korea out of their nuclear ambitions and stopping their provocative missile testing? Bringing about reconciliation of the Israelis and Palestininans? Crushing Alqueda and strengthening a democratic Afghan government? Winning the Olympic bid for his old hometown of Chicago? Oh wait. He hasn't actually DONE any of that. Come to think of it, he hasn't actually DONE anything to promote world peace (or anything else constructive). Oh, but we all HOPE he will and with Barak Obama, that counts far more than anything he actually does. In fairness, and to be rational, you've gotta give BO a few points for the way he accepted the dubious honor. He correctly acknowledged that he didn't deserve the prize but accepted it as a challenge or a mandate to accept the responsibilty to act in the interest of world peace going forward. Best you could expect in a patently absurd situation.

In other news, conservative talk show host, Rush Limbaugh is being crucified in the liberal press for racist statements attributed to him. Why? Because he has the audacity to want to spend some of his considerable fortune on a share of ownership in an NFL franchise. Well, shut my mouth! Seriously? Did any of these people ever listen to even one hour of Limbaugh? But here's the joke: Out of the thousands of hours of talk and thousands of pages of Rush's newsletters, books, and other writings over 30 years in the public eye, all they could come up with to "substantiate" their slanderous claims are two fake inflamatory quotes attributed to Rush by a liberal blogger in 2005. Hell, these things don't even sound like Rush! But let's be rational. If Rush were the race-baiting scumbag they say he is, spewing racist bilge day after day on the airwaves as they claim, shouldn't they be able to come up with a little more than that? Ok, as an afterthought, they are now tossing around a couple of genuinely provocative statements that are far from racist but instead, challenge the racial bias of the mainstream media. Let's be real. And let's be rational.

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