Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Obama Takes Aim at Military for Pay Cuts

Talk about about OUTRAGE! The ONE thing (ok, maybe one of a handful) that the Federal Government *should* be spending money on--and potentially liberal amounts of it--is the one area they're threatening to cut. Why does Obama hate the US Military? Why would he threaten the pay of the valorous men and women who are putting their lives on the line every day to protect this country and its values (what's left of them)? Why?

Why does he use our money and squander our childrens' future on bank bail outs, auto industry bailouts, other pet government takeovers where he has no Constitutional authority to intervene; as well as sweetheart deals for the big unions who have greased his political palms, and other corporate cronies (such as the cynically scapegoated Goldman Sachs--their reward is coming) while using those palms to smack down our troops?

Who can defend this O-BS?! Look, I'm all for Federal budget cuts. Across the boards! I'd like to cut most of those people down to ZERO! But the military?! When the average letter carrier in the post office makes $80K?

You want to cut spending? Start by repealing that boondoggle healthcare entitlement that's going to, single-handedly, bankrupt the nation. Try freezing ALL federal payrolls--in fact all government spending. How about some meaningful pension reform so these blood sucking bureaucrats don't work for the government for a few years and then retire on 80% to 90% of their working pay? Can anyone say, "Greece?"

If anyone is underpaid in this nation, and particulary those paid directly out of the US Treasury--the pocket of the people--it's our military personnel. Over the last few years, some corrections have been made and military compensation has begun to approach a respectable level. Don't let the Obama Administration ream the troops. Contact your representatives and defend military pay. After all, it's the RATIONAL thing to do. For more on this story click here.

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  1. Yeah, I am not sure why ANYONE would think it is a good idea to cut the pay of our defenders on the front lines. My heart goes out to each and every soldier and their families.

    On a lighter note:,17171/