Wednesday, June 23, 2010

PEE-BO's Assault on Big Oil--Ingenious or Insane? The Deepwater Drilling Moratorium

I consider myself a rational person. I beleive my political convictions are based on a fairly clear understanding of the core principles upon which our unique republic was built. I'm not an historian, an economist, or a political scientist, but I am a well-informed, reasonably intelligent and at times active patriot who loves his country and the liberatian, free-enterprise, capitalist, and religious values enshrined in our founding documents and expressed so fruitfully in our history over the past 234 years. I have found that I can generally hold my own in a debate on points of principle and common sense. I can do it with pretty much anyone advancing an opposing view as long as the debate remains intellectually honest and doesn't weave too far into the lanes of legalism or sophistry. And I can do it because the ideas and principles of truth stand on their own.

But I may be loosing my cool rationale. I feel my blood beginning to boil! President Obama issued an edict collapsing a huge portion of America's oil industry in the form of a 6-month moratorium on ALL offshore drilling at depths of 500 ft. or more. While some measure of caution or inspection is reasonable in the wake of the gulf spill, this reaction is both extreme and devastating to the lives and livelihoods of tens of thousands of Americans not to mention our already insufficient energy security. At least one district court judge (not to mention over 60% of Americans) agrees with me and struck down Obama's overreaching mandate.

Yet, in an act of defiant contempt for the legal system and the will of most Americans, Obama vows to both appeal the decision AND reword the executive order so he can issue it again!!! WHY??? Why would he persist in this irrational assault on an industry that has a remarkable record of safety and success (99.998%) and is so vital to regional and national economic interests--particularly at this time? This is TOTALLY irrational UNLESS...

Unless it's a deliberate attempt to harm this industry or this nation. Now I admit, that sounds like an absurd assertion--especially when directed at a campaign oil money hoe who's been uncovered in bed with BP and its flatmates. But what other conclusion can you draw when the measure is so unmeasured and destructive? That he merely wants to protect the environment from further damage? Well that sounds good. But can't he accomplish that without this draconian response? You don't ground all airplanes when one falls out of the sky. You may step up inspections, increase scruitiny, or tighten up loose regulations to ensure the safety of the other planes but you don't shut down all air traffic pending a 6-month investigation!

So what IS Obama up to? Why is he doing this with such brazen defiance? Why has he rebuffed the offers for help from other nations? Why take so long to approve Jindahl's sand barriers? Why has he engaged so slowly and so insufficiently to actually help solve this problem in the Gulf? What is he trying to pull?

And why is he lending $2 BILLION of scarce U.S. taxpayer dollars to Petrobras, the multi-billion dollar Brazillian "big oil" firm owned partly by puppetmaster, George Soros for expanded drilling in waters THREE TIMES THE DEPTH of the Deepwater Horizon disaster?! Who is to benefit from America's energy demise and how? What's wrong with this picture?

Maybe Obama is a genius with nothing personal to gain. Perhaps he tuly believes that collapsing American oil and advancing cap and trade will speed us on to a bright, beautiful future of windmills shushing in the breeze and corn powered cars popping down the motorway with their canola sheen sparkling in the globally cooler, carbon-diminshed, clear-aired summer sun. It's a lovely picture, indeed!

But the evidence is mounting that the real benficiaries of Obama's perverted policies are corrupt "inside traders" who stand to bilk billions of taxpayer dollars through unholy alliances between favored enterprises and federal force while the rest of us get "equalized" into oblivion. Perhaps that's the real genius of Chicagoland's "Community Organizer" and Marxist-in-Chief, Barrak Hussein Obama.

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