Friday, May 17, 2013

GOP on Defense Instead of the Dems

I read this article in the National Journal with fascination this morning.

Oddly, while the Obama Administration is mired in three major scandals that raise serious questions about corruption, incompetence, and abuse of power--any one of which could and probably should bring down a President--it's the GOP that's walking on eggshells instead of the Chief!

What?! Isn't it interesting how careful the GOP has to be in reacting to these abuses of power by the left? Why? Are the Dems "careful" about crying "racism" at every turn? Do they hesitate to inflame with their unmeasured anti-capitalist rhetoric whenever a corporatist or "greedy rich guy" dares to earn a profit? Do they EVER resist the temptation to damn any conservative with a conscience for daring to speak out in defense of religion, life, or marriage? 

No! The reason Republicans can't react to these flagrant failures of big government is because the media will skewer them if they misread any nuance or misinterpret any fact. Democrats, on the other hand, are free to react as impulsively, outlandishly, and in as blatant a partisan political manner as they wish and the media will either amplify their outrage or cover their ignorance.   

Show me the last article like this that was written about Democrats afraid to take potent and full political advantage of opposite-party screw-ups as large and nasty as these! The current scandals are all real, legitimate abuses and failures by an overreaching, out-of-control, autocratic federal bureaucracy captained by a leftist ideologue who is leading the nation in deliberate decline. They are representative of what happens when any government gets too much power, and are indicative of what we can expect if we continue down Obama Lane. Sadly, the current offenses are but the tip of the iceberg under the Obama regime.

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