Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BruceNotes March 21st - Obama's convenient lie, Mitt's Victory, and more

I'm adding these "Cliff Note commentaries" as a new feature to the blog so you can get my running thoughts on the news of the day and share in some of the dialog I'm having with others.

Obama the "Prevaricator in Chief." As far as I can tell from his site, Obama stakes his claim of falling dependence on foreign oil on what appears to be falling demand. 'We're using less, therefore, we're importing less, therefore we're less dependent.' But dependence isn't a function of consumption, it's a function of source of supply. Best I can tell, we're still importing about 60% of our oil--more than twice the level of 30 years ago. Lower consumption is NOT good news. It's merely a reflection of the sluggish economy--Job One--that this President has failed to effectively address. Domestic production is up on private lands, but that's no thanks to Obama who is approving permits for drilling off shore and on federal lands at historically low levels. American oil EXPORTS are up as well, along with domestic gasoline prices.

Why are prices up despite falling demand and increasing supply? Ask Obama. But don't ignore the other hallmarks of the regime's energy policy; Solyndra and other corrupt and losing "green energy investments;" A confused and inconsistent Middle East policy, denial of the Keystone Pipleline, increasing regulation, and Obama Energy Czar's stated objective to push US prices towards European levels of $8-$10 a gallon. It's time for this guy to go. And that's rational!

See for yourself:

Mitt Gains Momentum in Illinois -  The blogosphere is alive with conservative capitulators acknowledging that Mitt is on an inevitable roll to the nomination and that it's time to stop the infighting and consolidate support around the candidate. Perhaps none is more significant than the grassroots Freedomworks tea party organization which has turned off its opposition and turned on a tacit endorsement of the frontrunner. See Washington Times. Notable about the inside numbers in the Romney victory last night is that Mitt beat his top challenger in virtually every category including conservatives (47 to 39), Tea Party Supporters (47 to 36), Protestants (45 to 38), Catholics (53 to 30), and regular churchgoers generally (44 to 39). (CNN Election Center) Mitt has also picked up the endorsement of Jeb Bush and the Chicago Tribune. The numbers seem to reinforce my weeks-old observation that Santorum would not benefit disproportionally from Gingrich's exit from the race--at least not in middle America. Gingrich is down and out and Romney is still increasing his lead. Louisiana will be tight, but once the south is settled, it's on, on to victory.

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