Thursday, March 22, 2012

BruceNotes March 22nd - The End of America

I had a recent online conversation with a friend-of-a-friend who doesn't seem to share my concern that the current state of our union has put us all in economic and political peril. I admit to being something of an alarmist (albeit a RATIONAL one, of course!). I have been pushing back, in my own way, against constantly encroaching statism at the federal level for close to 40 years now.

But my new friend gives voice to the sentiment that worries me most of all. Says he: “ We will all be fine, we are AMERICANS and we will survive to the end of days..." Here is my answer to him and all who share this sentiment.

I think you need a strong dose of reality. We are currently $15 TRILLION in debt--about $45K for each man, woman and child in America. That's MORE than the per capita debt of Greece! And look what's happening there. CBO says Obamacare is now almost 2x the original price estimate (over $1.7 Trillion). I predict the reality will be much worse if it's not repealed. All that without mentioning the roughly $61 to $118 TRILLION more in unfunded liabilities that your children and grandchildren will be responsible for. Today, if I'm not mistaken, there are less than 4 people paying for the SS benefits of each recipient and with baby boomers starting to draw, that will likely fall to less than 2 within a decade. Medicaid and Medicare are in disrepair and will soon be bankrupt as well. Your kids will have to pay for that, too.

Inflation, the hidden tax, is devaluing your dollars and for the first time, your kids will likely have lower incomes, or at least lower buying power than you. They will be working harder for less, sending more money to the central government and depending on more government handouts in order to survive. That all equals less personal liberty, as well.

When a grownup finally gets into the White House, supposing one does, the austerity measures will have tax dependents and unions rioting in the streets—as they currently are in Greece, Great Britain, and elsewhere.

I would resist the temptation to hide my head in the sand and assume it can't happen here. This train is headed for a cliff and Obama is bearing down on the throttle. It's probably too late to avoid all the collateral damage, but if someone doesn't put on the brakes and throw it into reverse, this nation, certainly as you and I have known it, is over. I appeal to your inner sense of reason--and your gut. You know what I'm saying is true. PLEASE...Don't vote for Obama and do everything in your power to make sure no one you know does either. It will be your greatest gift to America.

To my friend's protestations, I later added this post-script:  No one said we won't survive. But without a serious change of course, some very difficult times lie ahead. Look, this is not all Obama's fault. He's just accelerating the process by design. It's the result of decades of non-stop growth, usurpation, and increased dependency on the the Federal government. But if you can't look at what's happening in Europe and concede that we're on the exact same path that got them into the mess they're in, and that even we, the indomitable US of A will be there too--soon, if we don't stop our reckless spending and entitlement ways, you are simply in denial. What do you think this recession is all about? I thank Obama for helping to wake some Americans up to the peril of our times. But it sometimes amazes me how many choose to remain asleep.


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